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Welcome to the HIVE!


Personalized Individual Coaching:

Why do I need coaching?

I’ve spent the past 14 years teaching yoga, Pilates, being coached and coaching others about health, wellness and well-being.

What I witnessed is that deep transformations don’t just happen by exercising just once a day or occasionally connecting to yourself and others. It’s about being conscious and connected as you move through the world in your everyday activities.

BEING as a practice.

What you eat, how you communicate, how you show up at work, with your family, with yourself. Holding a vision of your true, authentic self and striving every day to attain that.

A true holistic approach to life.

At HIVE Wellness Consultants, we are committed to creating transformation for the individual based on the pillars of Health, Integrity, Vitality, and Engagement.

Utilizing verbal and somatic coaching skills, we examine motivations and blocks to your visions and goals. The coaching process educates you about emotional intelligence and how to move beyond triggers that hold you back from your vision.

Since we are in bodies, it’s important to honor, exercise and challenge our selves with the mirrors of exercise, mindful eating and stress management throughout the journey to vision fulfillment.

I’m super-excited to offer this complete transformation coaching program for the individual. It’s designed to get out of your own way and start living life fully.

This dynamic coaching package includes:

• Weekly one-on-one coaching calls (4 one-hour Zoom video or phone calls)
• Access to text/Voxer support throughout the month
• Customized content: videos, recipes, fitness and diet plans, personalized mantras, journaling
• Group support and special content on Facebook

Packages start at $500/month, with a 3 month minimum commitment.

The coaching begins with saying yes to transforming your life today.

🐝 Schedule a free 15 minute call  to see if coaching is right for you. 🐝

Our goal for you is to thrive in the HIVE!