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Our second course begins July 25th, so please promote now.

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Sign Up Now for a Daily Detox Challenge!
School’s IN! Learn How to Detox Daily!


As an important member of my community, I want to tell you about a meaningful opportunity to learn how to add balance and harmony to your life. Myself and other fantastic wellness experts will be joining with host Lauren Slater for a fun, 5-day online challenge, HIVE Wellness’s Summer School Series: Detox Your Life. (Link to

I’ll be presenting on the subject of _________________________________. I’m passionate about teaching you this new way of looking at your life!

Once you sign up below, you’ll receive a daily video or article to your inbox for five days, in two modules, that will inspire you to live clean and find harmony in your busy life. It’s a chance to feel great this summer and inspire your friends and family to connect with you on this mission.

As an experienced yoga/pilates instructor and wellness coach, this quest for equanimity is at the very center of Lauren’s professional and personal life.

“Living a clean, balanced and joyful life is the keystone of my life ethos ” she says. “Daily detox rituals support the ability to be present with yourself and others. It’s a process that shifts and evolves with time and the seasons. Developing a series of activities to focus my mindset, coupled with self-care rituals, and a dedicated physical practice has given me peace—even in the most overwhelming of times.”

Participants of this free five-day-long series will receive a daily “class” to their inbox from July 25th-29th.

Through themes like diet, exercise, and meditation, you’ll learn techniques to…

  • Grounded to Glow: Barefoot meditation- Simple ways to connect with the earth in order to ground out toxic thoughts and energy
  • Summer Nourishment: How cleansing can be nourishing
  • Travel Healthy: How to make smart food choices with zero deprivation or guilt
  • Workouts that Inspire, not Tire: Get excited to move and breathe outdoors
  • Be the Change: How to walk the walk of being your word, create a mantra
  • Eating for Energy: Food choices to energize and detox

And more!

“Think of it as an at-home wellness retreat,” says Lauren. I truly believe you’d benefit from this dynamic learning experience”.

Click here to sign up. (Link to

In good health,
YOUR NAME on behalf of Lauren Slater

P.S. You will also get bonus access to Part 1 of the series on Health & Integrity!

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Facebook/Instagram: Who’s ready to make summer school a blast? Join me and my friend, health and wellness expert Lauren Slater (@lauren slater wellness/ @lcslater) for TWO FREE 5-day detox challenges to super-charge your summer!


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